Summer's private sales by Testoon

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The Summer's private sales by Testoon

3,2,1 ... Let's go ! Stay fresh and discover our product selection with special

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Hurry up ! The products are proposed in limited quantities 

La vente privée ouvrira le 23 Juin à 07h et fermera le 26 Juin à 23h59 

FLIR PACKS Buy your own pack !


Buy our own pack ! Buy a FLIR E8 or a FLIR C3 and get for free a dedicated FLIR tools to your activity : home inspection pack , electricity pack, real estate pack

Until 30 June


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GW INSTEK offer ! Save up to 20% on the PSW series power supply. Switching DC programmable power supply with those specs and this price ... Christmas came early this year ! 

Fluke TiS75

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IR thermal imager, manual focus, 320x240 pixels, 2.4mrad, 0.08°C, +550°C, Fluke Connect, IR-Fusion

6 495,00 €

4 995,00 €

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Flir ETS320

Benchtop IR thermal camera for electronic & research, 320x240, 60mK, 170um

Flir E8 WiFi

IR camera, MSX, Visible picture, 320x240 (76800 pixels), 0.06°C, PIP, isotherm - With WiFi

4 495,00 €

2 995,00 €

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